College of Allied Health Sciences
Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies

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Alcohol and Drug Studies Minor

A 24-semester-hour undergraduate minor in alcohol and drug studies is available to undergraduate students from any major through the Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies. The acquisition of this minor provides real advantages to a student's marketability in basic substance abuse jobs throughout the state.

A course may not count for both a major and minor. If a course listed in the minor is used to meet a major requirement, additional minor electives must be taken. Minors must earn a minimum grade of C (2.0) in all ADRE courses. Minimum requirement for the alcohol and drug studies minor is 24 s.h. as follows:


ADRE 2003 Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Health and Social Problems
ADRE 4793 Treatment of Substance Abuse
ADRE 4796 Contemporary Issues for Substance Abuse
PSYC 3221 Social Psychology PSYC 3375 Abnormal Psychology

ELECTIVES: (select 3 courses) (9 s.h.)

ASLS 2020 Sign Language Studies I
CDFR 1103 Marriage and Family Relations
HLTH 3515 AIDS HIV Disease in Modern Society
HLTH 5345 Alcoholism in Health Education
PSYC 3206 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 3300 Psychology of Personality
ADRE 3000 Introduction to Rehabilitation
ADRE 4795 Prevention of Substance Abuse
SOCI 2111 Modern Social Problems
SOCI 3220 Sociology of Deviant Behavior

Contact Information
Dr. Shari Sias
Coordinator, Alcohol and Drug Studies Minor
(252) 744-6304