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The ECU Physicians Office of Staff Development and Training is responsible for providing and facilitating programs and services to help individuals and departments, within the BSOM and ECU Physicians, achieve their professional development and compliance training needs. In addition, the ECU Physicians Office of Staff Development and Training works in partnership with the ECU Department of Human Resources to promote campus wide professional development and new employee orientation training initiatives.

The ECU Physicians Office of Staff Development and Training is responsible for:

  • Designing, facilitating and managing the BSOM/ECUP/SoDM New Employee Orientation program.
  • Conducting needs assessments for training and organizational issues.
  • Providing training consultations and assistance in planning educational activities for individuals and departments.
  • Developing and delivering customized performance management, customer service and other professional development training workshops.
  • Evaluating training effectiveness and making changes as needed to maximize individual and departmental investments.
  • Coordinating and facilitating Basic Life Support (BLS) refresher training courses for Health Sciences Faculty and Staff.
  • Designing, developing and managing recognition initiatives to promote customer service excellence throughout the Brody School of Medicine.