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Continuing Competence

Beginning July 1, 2006, the North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON) will put in place their Continuing Competence: A Reflective Practice Approach for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses in North Carolina. Although nurses will not be expected to complete their learning activity until their next license renewal (after July 1, 2008); they are expected to begin actively working on the following steps by July 1, 2006.

Getting started is as easy as:
  • Assess your current practice: Complete Worksheets 1-4 to help you evaluate your current nursing practice.

  • Begin to plan for the next two years: Begin to think about what types of learning activities you would like to participate in over the next two years.

  • Collect feedback: Meet with your supervisor for your annual performance review.

  • Develop a learning plan: Complete Worksheet 5 to help you develop your learning plan for the next two years and review with your supervisor at your annual performance review.

  • Evaluate opportunities at ECU: Complete Worksheet 6 and return to the Office of Staff Development in LSA #1 to help us provide you with appropriate learning opportunities at ECU.

  • Fill your portfolio: Begin to fill your portfolio with supporting data that you are following your learning plan.
  • Note: The self assessment and learning plan are for the individual nurse’s personal records and will not be part of what he/she will submit to the NCBON.

  • Get ready… now GO….

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