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Surgical Teaching Conferences

 Conference Name
 Day  Location  Description
 Breast Tumor Board
Tuesdays, 8AM
Cancer Ctr Conf Rm Multidisciplinary Conference
Basic Surgical Science Conf Fridays, 7:30AM Dept Conference Room Application of basic science principles to clinical diseases
Critical Care Conf 4th Thursday/Month VMC Auditorium
Multidisciplinary lectures by national and regional leaders in critical care
General Surgery Conf Mondays, 7:30 AM Dept Conference Room Review admissions, management and upcoming operative cases
Grand Rounds Wednesdays 8AM VMC Auditorium Lectures by national surgical leaders as well as other experts
 Journal Club 1st Wednesday/Month Varies Reveiw and analyze current literature
Morbidity and Mortality Wednesdays, 7AM  VMC Auditorium Peer-review analysis of case management and complications
 Surgical Oncology Conf Weekly Oncology Offices Core lectures on Oncology and review of MD Anderson Handbook
Thoracic Oncology Conf Thursdays, 12N Cancer Ctr Conf Rm Mutlidisciplinary management of Thoracic Oncology patients

Trauma Conference

3rd Tuesday/Month

VMC Auditorium

Combined conference with Surgery Emergency Medicine, PT/OT/RT, EMS

Trauma AM Report

Daily, 8AM

Trauma Conf Rm

Review of admissions and managment of Trauma, Emergency General and Critical
Care patients

GI Tumor Board

Thursday, 7AM

Cancer Ctr Conf Rm

Multidisciplinary management of cancer patients

Vascular Conf

Tuesdays, 7AM

Vascular Offices

Management of current vascular patients and core topics

Visiting Professor Rounds

Coincides with Grand Rds

Dept Conference Room

Resident present actual patients to national surgical leaders