Surgical Residency


Educational Goals and Surgical Curriculum for Residents’ Rotations at:

  • East Carolina University (ECU)
  • The Brody School of Medicine (BSOM)
  • Vidant Medical Center (VMC)
  • Vidant Health Systems

All surgical resident rotations are conducted in the Vidant Health Systems, VMC and Operating Rooms, and ECU Clinics.


ACGME General Competencies
Broad Competency Areas are from the ACGME.  Learning activities and expected outcomes from the global surgical resident assessment form are provided in this document.

Overall Educational Goals for Surgical Residents
The Residency Program Curriculum Goals are provided as a reference for the desired outcomes of surgical education.  This document summarizes our broad educational goals, ACGME Competencies, and Program Effectiveness Surveys.

General Objectives for Surgical Interns