Surgical Residency

Surgical Skills Lab

Surgical Residency

The Resident Skills Lab is a mandatory part of the education curriculum for the Department of Surgery at East Carolina University. Surgical skills are taught and practiced throughout the year to better prepare the resident for the operating room.

Once a month, a structured skills lab is held to cover a particular topic such as hand-sewn anastomosis or vascular graft implantation. The curriculum is provided to the residents in advance of the lab through this web site. An overview of the skills to be taught, as well as, selected readings are contained with in this curriculum.

The skills lab is divided in to quarters and is offered to the appropriate level resident for that particular skill. There are one or more attendings present during the lab whose area of practice best aligns with the subject matter of the skills lab for that day. Outside of the lab there are additional opportunities to learn and practice skills. The resident resource room has a laparoscopic tower and two box trainers, and residents have access to the school of medicine’s laparoscopic trainer. In addition to these on-site training opportunities, there are training labs such as bringing in an instructor for laparoscopic suturing, working on an endovascular surgery simulator, and other industry sponsored skills training events offered throughout the year. Each resident is also provided with a take-home laparoscopic trainer.