Clinical Telemedicine

The Telemedicine Center provides the necessary functions for conducting clinical telemedicine transactions, including scheduling, network operations, troubleshooting, training, and administrative support. The Center develops and maintains standard operating procedures (SOP's) for telehealth, which are used by the telemedicine coordinators at the Center, the Rural Telemedicine Coordinators (RTC's), and physicians. The RTC's act as the primary facilitator for telemedicine and distance learning activities at their site, and are responsible for patient scheduling; operating the equipment during telehealth encounters; training other local clinical staff; obtaining patient consent; and reporting issues and new ideas to the Center. Engineers are on site at the Center during normal business hours for technical support, troubleshooting, and setting up telemedicine calls and bridging for telehealth and distance learning applications.

Telemedicine transactions conducted via the network include initial patient assessment/primary diagnosis, management/follow-up of patients that were initially seen in-person or via telemedicine, and referred specialty consultation. The most frequently used clinical applications of telehealth at ECU are: dermatology, cardiology (pediatric and adult), pediatrics (general and neonatal), psychiatry (mostly pediatric, some adult), and rehabilitation medicine. In addition, the Center was involved in the initial startup of several other active telehealth activities that now operate independently from the Center, including tele-radiology, home care , and the "Hello Mommy" system in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

To schedule a telemedicine consult, please contact Gloria Jones via email or phone 252.744.3855.