International Infectious Disease Consultation

The Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association (ENAPA) in collaboration with ART physicians from ALERT Hospital, Addis Ababa University, East Carolina University, and Johns Hopkins University developed a telemedicine forum to discuss complicated HIV/AIDS cases. This program was launched in May, 2005 and has been continuing since then every two weeks. The forum grew out of the need to provide state of the art clinical guidance regarding the startup and potential side-effects of ART. Clinicians in Ethiopia prepare difficult HIV cases for bi-weekly presentations to HIV experts located in the United States. Discussions and learning points are simultaneously webcasted so that other providers throughout Ethiopia can participate. All web casts are also archived for future review and use. Best clinical practices and evidenced-based medicine regarding HIV/AIDS care are emphasized. The format has been well received and since its conception, the program has grown remarkably with a visible increase in the number of attendees to the conferences. It has also helped HIV/AIDS physicians in Ethiopia to update their knowledge and review current issues in regard to ART therapy.