Title of Rotation: Telemedicine

Rotation Director: Peter J. Kragel, M.D.

Rotation duration: One month

Prerequisites: None

Orientation: Prior to beginning the rotation, the resident meets with the Rotation Director and Assistant Director of the Telemedicine Center for an overview of what telemedicine encompasses and goals and expectations of the rotation. The resident is given a tour of the various areas within the center and introduced to center staff.

Rotation location: The resident will spend the most time in the Telemedicine Center participating in telemedicine consultations and developing and understanding of the engineering infrastructure involved in telemedicine. The resident will also spend some time visiting remote sites.

Description: The resident participates in telemedicine consultations at both the central facility and remote sites. The resident is involved with center engineers in demonstrating/maintaining equipment and technical infrastructure. The resident participates in small group discussions on specific topics of importance, including:

- Technical considerations
- Home health
- Billing and contracting for telemedicine services
- The internet and telemedicine
- Telepathology
- Real time and store and forward consultation
- Patient access and patient satisfaction
- Telemedicine research opportunities
- Future trends

The resident will receive a detailed schedule at the start of the rotation.

Goals/Objectives: At the completion of the rotation, the resident will be able to:
- Explain connectivity, bandwidth, and technical considerations and
   limitations of telemedicine
- Explain reimbursement methods
- Describe the different ways that telemedicine can be used to  
   provide clinical services
- Make a presentation at a Telemedicine Center Grand Rounds

Evaluation: The resident is evaluated independently by each of the center faculty and staff they worked with during the rotation. Evaluations are reviewed by the resident and the rotation director. Fund of knowledge, attendance, interpersonal skills, and presentations are evaluated.

Teaching faculty:

Peter J. Kragel, MD
Gloria Jones
Faculty providing patient care via telemedicine

Supervision: The resident is supervised by teaching staff during the rotation.

Contact: To schedule a rotation contact Lisa Coyle or Gloria Jones at (252)744-3855.