White House National Convening on Rural Telehealth, March 30, 2016; "Spotlight on Innovation"

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, March 18, 2016; Olivia Horton, UNC-CH Presented:  "Telepsychiatry Solutions to Address Rural Women's Mental Health"

24th European Congress of Psychiatry; Madrid, Spain, 2016: "Using Telepsychiatry to Improve Access to 
Evidence-Based Care

The News and Observer: September 2015; “Across much of US, a serious shortage of psychiatrists

ED Management; February 2015: “States leverage telepsychiatry solutions to ease ED crowding, accelerate care

NC Health News: September 29, 2014: “Broadband, a Screen and a Mic Connects Patients to Psychiatrists

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services; June 19, 2014; “DHHS receives $1.5 million Duke endowment grant to expand telepsychiatry program

Jared Brumbaugh, Public Radio East: April 11, 2014; “Update On Statewide Telepsychiatry Program

Winston-Salem Journal: April 10, 2014; “Editorial: Telepsychiatry is needed alternative in crisis situations

NC Insight: March 2014: “Telepsychiatry in North Carolina: Mental Health Care Comes to You

Jared Brumbaugh, Public Radio East: October 22, 2013; “Statewide Telepsychiatry Program Starts Next Year

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