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Vice Chairs of Diversity & Inclusion (VCDI)

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The mission of the VCDI is to serve as an advisory body to the Dean of the Brody School of Medicine. The team may propose, advocate, and coordinate policies and programs designed to increase multiculturalism in the School of Medicine. Areas of influence will include: student, faculty, and staff recruitment and retention; community environment; and professional development.

  • Initiate and promote programs to transcend cultural boundaries
  • Encourage student, staff, and faculty participation in a multicultural world
  • Institute programs designed to support recruitment and retention efforts of the Brody School of Medicine.

Upon request VCDI members may:
  • Serve on faculty and/or administrator Search Committees
  • Provide consultation to committees whose goal is to coordinate policies and programs at the BSOM
VCDI Composition

The VCDI membership is composed of faculty representatives from most of the basic science and clinical departments. In addition, our membership includes representatives from the School of Dental Medicine and a staff employee.

2017-2018 Chairs

Irma Corral, Ph.D., MPH
Irma Corral, Ph.D., MPH

Cassandra Bradby

Cassandra Bradby, MD