What is weight-loss surgery?

If you would like a better quality of life and again enjoy life without pain, fatigue and health problems related to your weight, you may wish to consider weight-loss surgery. This type of surgery, known as bariatric surgery, creates a smaller stomach which in most cases allows people to eat less – and lose weight.

ECU Bariatric Surgery has been performing this procedure for more than 30 years and pioneered its use.

You will have several options for your surgery. Most reduce the size of the stomach. Some procedures also re-route the intestines to create a shorter digestive system. With dietary changes, bariatric surgery may lead to dramatic weight loss. Because these changes are permanent, it's important to fully understand the procedures. This website can help answer your questions.

If you struggle with extra weight, you may find you can no longer take part in normal activities. You may have health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Breathing difficulties, sleep problems and arthritis also come with obesity.

Obesity may be a lifelong problem when people are unable to lose weight through diet and exercise. Obesity can prevent people from enjoying life by making many ordinary activities difficult or exhausting. It can lead to serious illnesses.

Weight-loss surgery is a proven method to help people lose weight when all other methods have failed.