What surgeries do you perform?

We helped develop the procedure today known as the Greenville Gastric Bypass. ECU Bariatric Surgery has an outstanding record of success with this procedure. This form of the gastric bypass is the most popular form of weight-loss surgery. It is considered the gold standard operation because of its long-term weight-loss results. The sleeve gastrectomy creates a small tube, or sleeve, from the stomach.

Gastric bypass

Your surgeon attaches your stomach to the small intestine after rerouting a section of it. The surgeon creates a small pouch from the stomach, reducing the amount of food it can hold. Staples are used to close the pouch. A section of the small intestine is rerouted and attached to the pouch with a very small opening (anastomosis). A gastric bypass may be performed traditionally through a large incision in the belly or by a laparoscopic approach, which is less invasive.

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Your surgeon will create a small tube, or sleeve, from your stomach by removing a large portion of it. The pouch is about the size of a banana which limits the amount of food you can eat. It is performed laparoscopically.