Why consider weight-loss surgery?

Thousands of people experience dramatic life improvements after weight-loss surgery. They enjoy a much better quality of life and take part in activities that once were too difficult. What’s more, serious health problems such high blood pressure, arthritis and sleep apnea usually improve with weight loss. After gastric bypass surgery, there is usually a complete remission of Type 2 diabetes. This effect has been clinically proven.

A person is considered obese when weighing 20 percent above a healthy average. Morbid obesity occurs when a person faces serious health problems and a shorter life expectancy because of their obesity. Generally, morbid obesity is diagnosed when a person weighs 100 pounds or more above an ideal average.

If you have tried to reduce unsuccessfully by eating less and exercising, weight-loss surgery may be an option. A body mass index of 35 or more is also an indication of a serious weight condition that may improve with surgery.