Will I need a consultation?

We want you to feel comfortable with us and with your surgical options as you make your decision and prepare for your procedure. We would like for you to have at least three consultation visits with us. These will include a health evaluation and a visit with our counselors before we schedule your surgery.

Your first visit

During your visit you will talk with a nurse and the doctor. If you are accepted as a candidate we will schedule your evaluation tests.

Your evaluation

Your medical tests and consultation may include

  • blood tests
  • counseling
  • heart tests
  • lung tests
  • upper GI tests
  • gallbladder ultrasound
  • upper endoscopy
  • nutrition counseling
  • anesthesia counseling
  • psychological evaluation

Decision visit

We will go over your test results and review the procedure and its benefits and risks. If you are accepted as a candidate, we will contact your insurance company.

Before your surgery

We will schedule a physical examination at our office before your surgery. Bring a family member with you to this appointment who can be responsible for your welfare during the days after your operation.

Throughout your experience we will continue to offer counseling with our psychology team.

Our office is at 517 Moye Boulevard. You can reach us at 252-744-2018 or by email at