Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss

As you lose the pounds, you will feel better and have more energy and better health. Although you are losing weight rapidly, your skin may not be able to adjust.

After reaching a stable weight, you may find that your skin has become loose. It may hang in folds, especially around the belly, where it is referred to as an apron. That’s especially true when you lose 100 or more pounds.

You may consider cosmetic surgery to remove this excess skin. We work very closely with ECU Plastic Surgery to provide the next step for our weight-loss surgery patients when they need it. Our exceptional surgeons are able to help restore your skin’s appearance.

ECU Plastic Surgery is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. We have the highest professional credentials available. This medical office is in the same building as ECU Bariatric Surgery at 517 Moye Boulevard. Call 252-744 5291 for more information.