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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in 128 Rivers. If you are standing on 5th Street facing the building, you go through the middle door and we are the first door on the right.

When are you open?

We are open every day Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM. However, when we have face-to-face PD sessions, we are closed to the public. To find out when our sessions are to know when we are closed, you can access our schedule through this link:

Can I check assistive technology devices out? How?

Yes, you can check out many of our devices, except for our Apple products and a few select other items. You can call, email, or stop by to request a device and a lab assistant will check it out for you. Up to five (5) items can be checked out for two weeks at a time.

Can I visit with my service recipient or client to the AT Lab?

Yes, of course! All of our equipment is free for you to explore. We encourage people coming in to see what AT would work best to suit their needs. *Please understand that the IHAT Center does not conduct AT Evaluations and make recommendations. You are encouraged to make an appointment with your school district AT personnel or contact if you are in need of an AT evaluation.

What are the PD sessions?

Our PD sessions are a Professional Development series that we offer. They act as training in specific areas of assistive technology. Currently we offer 12 face-to-face and 9 Blackboard sessions.

What PD sessions do you offer?

In our face-to-face sessions we offer: Introduction to AT & UDL, Boardmaker, AT for Literacy, SMART Basics, SMART Gallery, Inspiration & Kidspiration, Classroom Suite/Intellikeys, Clicker, Making Adapted Books, Alternate Access, AAC, and SMART Response.

On Blackboard we offer: Introduction to AT ;& UDL, Boardmaker, AT for Literacy, AT for Assessment (specific to SPED 3001), SMART Basics, SMART Gallery, Inspiration & Kidspiration, Clicker, and Making Adapted Books.

How do I register for sessions?

Registration for our face-to-face PD sessions can be done at If you attend classes on-campus, you are required to go to the face-to-face sessions and cannot be enrolled in our Blackboard site.

I'm a DE student, how do I register for the PD sessions I need?

You can email the AT Center at to request registration in our Blackboard site. We will enroll you as soon as soon as possible.

In the past, I have taken sessions at the AT Center but lost my certificate. Is it possible to get a replacement?

Yes, just email us requesting a replacement certificate. If you remember when you took it (specific date, semester, year, etc.), that is extremely helpful to us.