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The IHAT Center offers a variety of professional development sessions on assistive technology. Many of these sessions are embedded in education coursework, but candidates are welcome to sign up for sessions of personal interest as well. Below are the professional development sessions and short descriptions. Most but not all sessions are offered each semester.

Intro to AT and Universal DesignIntro to AT and UDL (1.5 hours) - on campus and DE

This session introduces the term Assistive Technology, explores a variety of AT across disability populations, and highlights the connection between AT and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). No prerequisites or requirements.

SMART BasicsSMART Notebook (2 hours) - on campus and DE

This professional development session explores using UDL (Universal Design for Learning) principles in the SMART Notebook software through the use of interactive templates and tools for instruction.

BoardmakerBoardmaker (1.5 hours) - on campus and DE

This session teaches Boardmaker software - a graphics program that allows picture to text alignment for a variety of applications. No prerequisites or requirements.

AT for LiteracyAT for Literacy (2 hours) - on campus and DE

This session explores a variety of AT that supports literacy, both reading and written expression, with emphasis on Read and Write Gold software. No prerequisites or requirements.

Making Adapted BooksMaking Adapted Books (1.5 hours) - online (DE) only

This session demonstrates how to make adapted books for students with specific learning needs, physical and/or cognitive disabilities. Required: All participants must bring a children's book to adapt.

Alternate AccessAlternate Access (2 hours) - on campus and DE

This hands-on session explores a variety of different ways that individuals with disabilities can access technology. No prerequisites or requirements.

AT AssessmentsAT Assessments & Evaluations - online (DE) only

This session teaches the AT Evaluation cycle, common elements across several different models of AT evaluations, and formative assessment strategies for AT. No prerequisites or requirements. 

Augmented Alternative CommunicationAugmentative Alternative Communication (1.5 hours) - on campus only

This session explores a variety of AT options specific to supporting expressive language deficits. No prerequisites or requirements.


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