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What is Second Life?

Second Life is a virtual world in which you can communicate and interact with anyone around the world. You can exchange information such as for a business meeting or you can venture into other virtual worlds to meet new people for other reasons. The Second Life platform works internationally as well. Many universities/schools have begun offering course lectures through distance education in the Second Life environments, or just as supplemental media for face-to-face courses. With Second Life, users are not limited to simple video teleconferencing such as with Skype through they have their own uses, but can expand interactivity to virtual physical objects and worlds. This allows interaction in Second Life to take advantage of the mutually understood context of the virtual environment.

Why use Second Life?

A survey of Distance Education students prior to 2007(http://www.apastyle.org/learn/faqs/cite-website.aspx)revealed that students felt they did not know the peers in their Distance Education classes. One of the solutions to this problem was the usage of Second Life, which allows students and professors to attend class as "avatars". Within Second Life, professors can utilize various media tools including presentation slides and videos. Second Life isn't limited to just slides and videos.

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