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In the Business and Information Technologies (BITE) undergraduate program area, you can choose from majors in business and marketing education, and information technologies, each of which will help you open doors to an exciting and fulfilling future. The graduate programs build on these majors and are available for students who are looking for career advancement within the discipline and in venues such as community colleges, business/industry, and the military.

The business and marketing education program is rich in clinical experiences and designed to produce educators who are innovative, reflective practitioners and who provide professional service to the community, state, and the nation.

The Information Technologies program is to prepare and develop professionals in information technology. Graduates of this program can work in a variety of settings. Jobs include hardware and software support, office management, systems management in small companies, consulting, training specialist for sales organizations or companies, hardware and software sales and service, desktop publishing, website development, or traditional office support positions.

The Master of Arts in Business and Marketing Education degree program is designed for practicing classroom teachers seeking to improve their skills and upgrade their qualifications for licensure for advanced competencies in business and marketing education.

The Masters of Science degree in Vocational Education in Information Technologies is to prepare professionals with emerging and innovative information technology applications that apply to management, organization, and supervision in business and industry.  In addition the degree prepares professionals to train and teach in the business and vocational education content areas within the corporate and community college environments.

The Business and Information Technologies Education department is located in the Bate Building. The classrooms, labs and faculty offices are located in Suite 2318 on the second floor.

From the West via 264
264 East to Greenville (Go to A at right)

From the South via I-95
I-95, Exit 119 to 264 East (Go to A at right)

From the North via I-95
I-95 to Rocky Mount to 64 East to Exit 496 (11/13S). Take 11/13S approximately fifteen miles to Farmville Blvd. Turn left onto Farmville Blvd; turn right onto 14th St; turn left onto Charles Blvd. (Go to B at right)

From the North via 11
11 South to Farmville Blvd. Turn left onto Farmville Blvd; turn right onto Fourteenth St.; turn left onto Charles Blvd. (Go to B at right)

From the South via 11
11 North intersects 264 Alternate; turn right onto Greenville Blvd.; continue to Charles Blvd.; turn left onto Charles Blvd. (Go to B at right)

To The Brody School of Medicine
From main campus, go west on Fifth St. through downtown Greenville; continue across Memorial Dr. to Moye Blvd.; turn left on Moye Blvd.; take the first right to the School of Medicine.

Associate Chair
Teacher Education Faculty Lead
Business and Information Technologies Education
Information Technologies Faculty Lead

ACBMITE Conference Chair
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Associate Chair
2312 Bate Bldg
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