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Getting to know Dr. Anne Swenson Ticknor

I have lived in…

Iowa, Las Vegas, & North Carolina

My favorite place to eat or favorite food to eat / prepare is…

I LOVE food! Whether it is dining out at a locally owned restaurant, eating on a vacation, or preparing food to eat with friends in my home. I love the community a meal can provide.

Some cultural experiences who make me who I am…

My friends, family, and students have made me who I am. I am fortunate to have family and friends who have exposed me to a variety of cultural and language experiences. My elementary and university students have also taught me more about inclusivity, equity, and social justice. The amazing thing about students is that they will tell you what they know and what they need if you listen to them. I try to listen so I can learn from them.

Dr. Anne Swenson Ticknor's Biography and Background

Anne Ticknor is an Associate Professor in Reading Education in the Literacy Studies, English Education, and History Education Department. Dr. Ticknor obtained her Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Culture from the University of Iowa and her MA in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Professional Work

How do your beliefs about diversity, social justice, and equity manifest themselves in your research, teaching, advocacy and/or service?

I approach my work from a social justice stance. This means that when I conceptualize my role as a teacher, researcher, or committee member, my commitment to social justice informs each role. As a teacher my advocacy for social justice is demonstrated in the materials I select and the activities I create for my students. An example of material selection is the children’s literature I use in my literacy courses. Whether I am reading aloud a text or engaging students in activities using literature, I purposefully select literature with diverse characters and cultures. I have written about selecting children’s literature specifically for social justice for Journal of Children’s Literature with Christina Tschida (ELMID) and Caitlin Ryan (LEHE).

Share with us an example of that kind of work that you are proud of or committed to.

I am both proud of and committed to my work with the LGBT Resource Office at ECU. I serve on the LGBT Advancement Council member and host an annual fundraiser, LOVE WINS, with Steve Schmidt (IDP). The LGBT Resource Office provides programming, scholarships, essay contests, alternative spring break experiences, and community for LGBTQA students at ECU. To support these efforts, Steve and I host a LOVE WINS dinner each fall. For the last three years, our dinner has been the highest earning event.