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Jenna Hussey

This Pirate Educator's personal motto is Servire (To Serve)

Jenna HusseyThirteen. That is the number of countries junior elementary education student, Jenna Hussey, has visited. During each of her trips Hussey fulfilled her personal motto of serving others by volunteering to teach at local schools. Through these trips Hussey gained experience teaching, however, education was not her first major when she started at East Carolina University. "I started as a business major but quickly realized that I wanted to devote my life to serving others," she shares. Hussey researched the College of Education's website and learned about all of the opportunities teacher education students have to help others. After enrolling in ELEM 2123-Early Experience for the Prospective Elementary Education Teacher, Hussey "just knew that [teaching] was what I wanted to do and young children were the age group I wanted to work with."

Although Hussey's focus will be on teaching elementary students, she cites her high school business instructor, Ms. Tammy Vail, as her most influential teacher. "Ms. Vail knew her students outside of the classroom and knew how each of her students learned inside the classroom," she shares.

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