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Licensure Only Internship Placement Process

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Licensure Only

Internship Placement Process



The internship is a full year experience in the same public school classroom with a specially trained clinical teacher.  Internship assignments will be located within the Latham Clinical Schools Network.  You can view the participating counties on the Internship Application. The Office of Clinical Experiences in conjunction with the program area coordinators identifies an appropriate school placement for each eligible student. You must be admitted to upper division prior to applying for internship placement.

  • Obtain an Internship Application in the Welcome to Teacher Education Handbook
  • Submit the completed Internship Application to the program area coordinator for your area
    End of first summer session for Fall/Spring internships
    Prior to the opening day of Spring semester for Spring/Fall internships

Senior I Internship:

In the first semester (Senior I Internship) the intern visits the school site the equivalent of one day a week.  The purpose of Senior I is to participate in select activities and responsibilities determined by the clinical teacher and to implement requirements from methods coursework.  Major events include:

  • Participate in the required Senior I Seminar
  • Report to school site the equivalent of one full day per week
  • Complete the Senior Summary form with your advisor
  • Schedule an appointment for the internship health examination
  • Summarize the Senior I Activities on the Senior I Agreement Form 

Senior II Internship:

In the second semester (Senior II) the intern reports to the school site daily according to the dates in the Teacher Education Senior II Calendar. With guidance from the clinical teacher, the intern gradually assumes teaching responsibilities until he/she teaches fifteen consecutive all days.  Major events include:

  • Participate in the beginning Senior II Seminar
  • Report to the school site each day and follow the school calendar
  • Participate in an initial visit conducted by the university supervisor (within the first 10 days of Senior II)
  • Assist the clinical teacher and university supervisor in designing a long range plan
  • Be observed by the university supervisor a minimum of four times
  • Submit a portfolio to the university supervisor
  • Teach 15 consecutive all days
  • Participate in the ending Senior II Seminar