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Regional Alternative Licensing Center

If you are following an RALC plan of study, you are not affiliated with ECU but you may opt to take coursework outlined by the RALC with us.  Upon your admittance to ECU as an undergraduate post baccalaureate student, the Office of Alternative Licensure will assist you with course registration by written email request.  

Please provide with a copy of your RALC plan, a copy of your provisional license from DPI, and a written email request for courses.  RALC students self-advise based on their RALC plan, for more information please see our step guide.

RALC Frequently Asked Questions

As a RALC student, you self-advise. ECU's Alternative Licensure Office will assist you with registration for courses upon you providing a scanned copy of your RALC plan of study and a written email request to All correspondence about which courses you need to take will need to occur with the RALC, and you can locate information on their website for ECU course equivalents:

ECU can review your licensure area and make suggestions about pathways to licensure at ECU.

We offer Individual Lateral Entry Plans for Birth through Kindergarten (BK), Elementary (ELEM) Special Education Adaptive Curriculum (SPED AC), and Special Education General Curriculum (SPED GC). These licensure areas are Distance Education friendly with our campus.

NCTEACH is a popular Distance Education cohort option for many other licensure areas that include the following: Art K-12, Dance K-12, English 9-12, Family and Consumer Science 7-12, French K-12, German K-12, Health/Physical Education K-12, Social Studies 9-12, Math 9-12, Middle Grades 6-9: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, Music K-12, Science 9-12, Spanish K-12, Special Education GC K-12, Special Education AC K-12, and Theatre K-12. **SPED AC and GC require summer 1 Face to Face days of instruction. Currently, NCTEACH offers a spring (application deadline Oct. 1) and summer 1 (application deadline March 1) cohort with five courses on the plan of study.

Here is a link to our website to explore our alternative licensure options:

Regardless of your choice, ECU needs to know which plan you are following. If it is an ECU Individual Lateral Entry or NCTEACH, we advise and work to make sure that there are courses available to you in reserved cohorts. Our affiliated ECU students are prioritized because we advise and know the courses that are needed for our students who are following our ECU plans of Study.

Please notify that you will begin following a RALC plan of study. ECU will de-activate your ECU plan of study. Provide our Office of Alternative Licensure with a copy of the RALC plan so we can assist you with course registration (upon your admission to the university).

ECU utilizes to post available classes prior to the start of each semester. Please check to see if courses are being offered prior to applying for admission to ECU. Typically, Distance Education (DE) courses are offered for all students with section numbers 601 and 602. These 601 and 602 sections are the DE course sections that RALC students need to search for to see if there are available seats. Other DE sections may be offered (620, 621, 650, and 670); however, these sections are not available to RALC students and are reserved for ECU cohorts. If the course has section numbers such as 001, 002, 003, etc. the course is on main campus.

Please look at the ECU Academic Calendar to see the start of registration for the semesters. RALC students can be registered when registration opens for Special Populations. Here is the link:

Contact with the following information: scanned copy of RALC plan, ECU Banner ID number, it is an eight digit number beginning with "B", Course Name, Course Registration Number (CRN) and section number along with the term. Terms are summer 1, summer 2, 11 Week summer, fall, and spring. The Office of Alternative Licensure will register you for classes with your request.

No, these courses are main campus classes. Your RALC plan of study may have methods courses listed; however, these methods courses are not available online through ECU. Please do not email instructors or departments asking for this exception.

You will need to go to the website to look up ECU course equivalents. Our office will not answer these questions or advise you as this is not an ECU plan of study. Here is the link to look up ECU course equivalents:

Your plan of study is with the RALC and all questions regarding your plan of study and previous coursework/certificate credit should be directed to the RALC who will be signing off on your license. This includes any questions that you may have about substituting classes on your plan of study.

You can apply to ECU as an undergraduate post baccalaureate teacher licensure student. This ECU admissions fee is non-refundable so make sure courses are available before you apply.

The Alternative Licensure Office will not be able to register you until you are admitted. Upon admission to the university, please contact with your RALC Plan of Study and registration requests.

RALC students may find courses from many institutions; however, you must stay enrolled in both fall and spring semesters to maintain continuous enrollment at ECU (summers are not included).  For example, you are admitted and take a class in the fall semester and take courses at another institution in the spring.  You will have to re-admit through ECU admissions if you want to get in summer/fall courses after a semester away.  This includes the Admissions fee being paid again.

You can go to the cashier's website for additional information and important dates:

You will need to login to your PiratePort account to access Banner. Follow the directions on your admission letter. Contact the IT Help Desk for login assistance or to reset your password at 1-800-340-7081.

ECU provides information on Blackboard with tutorials that you can review. Here is a Student Support Link: Instructors do not typically open up courses until the start of classes. Please email the ECU ITCS Help Desk if you need further support:

You can find your textbook listings (when made available by instructors) on PiratePort by following these steps: (1) Log into PiratePort (2) Go to Tools tab a top of page (3) Look under Courses category and then click on Textbook listing

You will need to send an email from your ECU email account to to request a withdrawal after the semester starts. The Office of Alternative Licensure can drop courses for you up to the first day of classes -

Please utilize the ECU Academic Calendar as there are withdrawal deadlines that impact tuition reimbursement as well as a last day to withdraw without grades being posted.

You should contact RALC to find out approved RALC courses that may be met with ECU courses. Students who are not Lateral Entry (have a RALC Plan with a job as a NC Public School Teacher or NC Public Charter School) cannot take Upper Division Coursework or Coursework that requires Practicums. There is a General Pedagogy Sheet that RALC will issue with the Qualification Letter. The Upper Division Classes are noted and none of the Methods courses are offered in the Distance Education format at ECU. In addition, courses that require practicums (field experiences) cannot be offered to candidates with only the qualification letter and no job site. Courses that are available DE are noted in the right hand column as well as the semesters that these courses are typically offered. Semester offerings are dependent on availability of funding, instructors, and minimum enrollments.

Please contact the Office of Alternative Licensure,, and share a scanned copy of your RALC plan of study so we can allow you Upper Division Status and allow you access to courses with practicums that you were not able to take as a RALC non-teaching student.

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