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Ann Harrison has been a force in gifted education in eastern North Carolina for many years. After attending Confratute in the early 1980s, Ann implemented programs like the Enrichment Triad Model which made gifted programming available to a diverse group of students. Ann used her expertise to develop gifted certification programs for teachers which still serve as the basis of today’s licensure courses at East Carolina University. Though Ann’s efforts have touched many aspects of gifted education in the region, her emphasis on gifted underachievers and the identification of diverse gifted learners has had impact at the national level.

The Ann Harrison Service Award is an award will be presented annually to a person whose innovative approach has positively influenced gifted education in eastern North Carolina. The award will be given each fall at the ECU Gifted Education Conference.

Nominees for the Ann Harrison Service Award must:

  • Have taught gifted children/youth for at least three years
  • Demonstrate outstanding and unique educational methods.
  • Exhibit outstanding qualities related to gifted education in the areas of teaching, curriculum development and adaptation, working with gifted children/youth, working with parents, participating in PAGE activities where applicable, and dealing with other staff and administrators.
  • Exhibit a strong commitment to gifted education through professional experiences, professional organizations, and services in the area of education for the gifted. 

Applications must be received/postmarked by June 15, 2010.  Participating school districts will be notified of the finalists in August 2010. 

Finalists will be recognized at a special event during the annual ECU Gifted Conference in Greenville in fall of 2010. 

Nomination packets due:            June 15, 2010
Nominee packets due:                July 10, 2010


If you are interested in nominating someone for this award, please complete a nomination packet prior to May 30. The awards committee will notify all nominees of their award nomination during the month of June. Nominees will be invited to become eligible for the award by completing a nominee packet.

For further details, please download the Nomination and/or Nominee packets or call Dr. Liz Fogarty for more information (252-328-4945).

All nomination forms and packets should be returned to:

Dr. Liz Fogarty
Speight 309, Mail Stop #504
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858
Fax  (252) 328-2585