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Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Scholarship Application Process


Curriculum and Instruction Scholarship Application Process

A. College and Departmental Scholarships

1. Download and complete the scholarship application form  NOTE: A single application will place the applicant in consideration for all awards made by the respective programs in the Curriculum and Instruction Department, with the exception of the special education scholarships named in section B. of this page.

2. Download three copies of the recommendation form. Submit three confidential references using the official reference form. References may be submitted with the application if they are in a sealed envelope with the signature of the reference provider across the flap. If you choose to submit the recommendation forms separate from your scholarship application, they may be sent in sealed envelopes directly to

Ms. Dawn Phillips
COE Advising Center
204 Speight

3. Include a copy of your ECU grades (accessed through Banner)

4. Download and answer the supplemental questions appropriate to your program area. Remember that all documents submitted should reflect professional writing skills.

Supplemental Questions for SPED
Supplemental Questions for ELEM/MIDG

5. Turn in your completed scholarship application packet (Applicant Data Form, references, OneStop course record, and supplemental questions) to

Ms. Dawn Phillips
COE Advising Center
204 Speight

The following forms are PDF documents that can be opened on your computer and printed out. You must have Adobe Reader to open these forms.
Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

6.  Application deadline is February 4, 2011.

B. Specific Special Education Scholarships - requiring service obligations

1.  Download the scholarship application.

ECU Pathways - Tuition awarded to undergraduates in upper division pursuing a bachelors degree in special education adapted curriculum, and to alternative licensure students pursuing special education adapted curriculum initial or add-on licensure, and to students pursuing a master's degree in special education, low-incidence disabilities. Upon completion, scholars fulfill a service obligation whereby they work with children with documented disabilities for two years for every academic year tuition support is received. Application.

2.  Attach required documents and mail to:

Ms. Ruth Kilburn
Special Education Grants Office
119 Speight