Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Project ECU LEAP Training

Project ECU LEAP Training


Participants will receive:

(a) An intensive, on-site orientation session wherein faculty members explain and discuss course curricula, materials, texts, content, and intended outcomes.

(b) A series of 8-10 instructional DVDs (the actual number varies by course in the ESL endorsement sequence) which participants view in collaborative groups of peers according to their own schedule and planning.  Each DVD-based professional development seminar is followed by a series of post-seminar activities which prompt school/district based adaptations of content.

(c) Facilitation in the completion of a course project in which participating teachers appropriately adapt goals and products to reflect school/district needs in their particular subject area.

(d) Technology-based feedback loops for reinforcement of the instructional messages. Technologies may include: the project web page, E-mail, ListServe, Blackboard©, Real-time Text Messaging, SMART Boards and Windows Movie Maker or Mac-based software for movie creation.

(e) An intensive on-site, faculty-delivered closure session for each course during which participants discuss their learning, present their course projects, and share ideas about school-based challenges and rewards of practice.

(f) Professional development through instructional approaches that emphasize process thinking and critical reflection on the appropriate adaptations and modifications of theory and concepts learned to meet the particular needs of ELL students in the classrooms of the participants’ school district.

(g) Summer Institute: Regionally and nationally recognized consultants will be employed by the project to deliver research-based informative and practical hands-on workshops that professionally prepare target educators to appropriately address dilemmas of practice and to enhance classroom success with ELL students in the rural/non-metropolitan educational setting. (This will occur over a three-day workshop.)

(h) PRAXIS test preparation: Participants will take one graduate course during each of the Spring and Fall semesters.  The first group of participants will begin this licensure program in January 2008.  The first distance education course is ESL Language Methods (Special Topic: ELL; 3 credits).