Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics 2018 at East Carolina University - July 1-28, 2018

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Residence Life


All of the institutes operate under statewide guidelines regarding curfews, dating, sign-outs and visitors. Additional rules may be established as needed at the respective sites. Students are not allowed to have cars on campus, and drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Students who do not follow the rules, who act in an immature manner and are disruptive to the program, or who fail to take advantage of the academic opportunities offered by the program will be sent home.


Students share a dormitory room. When a student is invited to Summer Ventures at ECU, they are mailed an information packet with certain forms to be returned. One of those forms is the "Roommate Preference" sheet. We try to match students as closely as possible so they will enjoy each others company while at Summer Ventures using categories such as room appearance, music preferences, study habits, and hobbies and interests. However, we do tell students that once a roommate is assigned, there is no switching....and we don't allow a student to request a roommate. One of the intangible benefits of this is that students learn how to live with someone they don't know. They enjoy their mutual interests and learn to appreciate their differences, and hopefully, along the way exercise or develop a sense of humor! Learning to live with someone teaches that to get respect you must give respect. This is an invaluable aspect of Summer Ventures that is not academic, but is essential to upcoming college years and life in the real world. Many develop friends that they keep in touch with long after the summer is over.


Resident Advisors live in the dorms and are there to provide guidance and plan social, athletic, and cultural activities. Each RA has a certain number of students assigned to them and each group with their RA has individual meetings, friendly competitions, and the groups often coordinate evening activities.


Security personnel patrol the dorms through the night to ensure safety for our students.


Summer Ventures students at ECU enjoy the 150,000 square foot Student Recreation Center. Inside students find a six-court, multipurpose sports arena designed to accommodate basketball, volleyball, badminton and special events. There is a twenty-foot-by-forty-foot outdoor pool surrounded by a large deck with sunbathing area, plus seven regulation racquetball/handball courts and one regulation squash court. There is a check-out area including hundreds of items ranging from basketballs and racquetballs to swim goggles and frisbee discs.


All meals are served in Todd Dining Hall, a large dining pavilion that offers a great view of College Hill with seating for 650. Students enjoy hot entrees and vegetables; heart-healthy Treat Yourself Right selections; made-to-order sandwiches prepared while you wait in the delicatessen; hot, hand-tossed pizza by the slice; fresh selections from the large pasta bar; a bountiful salad and fruit bar; soft-serve frozen yogurt at lunch and dinner and a wide selection of homemade desserts. From tacos to Chinese, sandwiches to hot meals, there is something for everyone, and always a vegetarian entree.