Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics 2018 at East Carolina University - July 1-28, 2018

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Mr. Shawn Moore
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Ms. Cheryl Miller
Administrative Support Specialist
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Special Activities at ECU

Each year the students engage in many activities outside of their academics which are designed to promote social maturity, encourage the development of friends from different backgrounds, highlight the students' talents and abilities, and just to relieve stress and have fun. Two of the events that students look forward to are the "Mr. & Miss Summer Ventures Pageant" and the "Summer Sensations Talent Show." In addition to that, the students usually have two nights especially for dancing.

"Mr. & Miss Summer Ventures"

The students select representatives from each of their RA groups and those students perform a talent of some kind, and perform in the categories of the program. Everyone thinks it's a riot and loves it! Then the students vote for Mr. and Miss Summer Ventures. It's just plain good fun.

"Summer Sensations Talent Show"

Students entertain other students, faculty, staff and their parents and friends on the last night of Summer Ventures with the annual talent show. Students sing, dance, play their instruments, groups do skits, and more. It is exciting and lots of fun for everyone. Many of these students are exceptionally talented for real, and the rest perform because they just like to. Every act is cheered and applauded enthusiastically by the audience.


After the talent show, the Resident Advisors award male and female program participants that have been voted "Most Talented" or "Most Likely to Succeed" or "Friendliest" among other categories. Pictures are taken and later appear in the annual yearbook.