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Admissions and Costs

Who can apply?

Students presently in the 10th or 11th grade in high school whose custodial parents or guardians established legal residency in North Carolina no later than December 1 of the current year. These students must have high academic ability and motivation and have a keen interest in science and mathematics. The program is not designed to provide incentive for students whose academic performance reflects a lack of self-motivation or discipline. Consideration is given to students whose abilities are not accurately reflected in grades and standardized test scores, such as those for whom English is a second language and those who are hearing impaired or have cerebral palsy.

How does a student get an application?

The state coordinator's office in Durham mails out applications to the guidance offices in all public and private high schools in the state. The guidance counselors and science and mathematics teachers endeavor to make students aware of this opportunity. They may show the Summer Ventures video to create interest or have a director of the program from one of the universities come to the high school and make a presentation.

Applications are turned in to the guidance counselor who then mails them in to the Durham office postmarked no later than January 31 of the year in which the summer program is run.

How are students selected?

An admissions committee, made up of professionals in education, science and mathematics from across North Carolina, selects the approximately 400 finalists invited to participate in SVSM. Each finalist is assigned to a specific campus based upon availability of the student's preferred academic program and that assignment is final.

So that SVSM may serve as many students as possible, no participant may attend for more than one summer. Students may apply to SVSM and Governor’s School; however, if a student is accepted into both Summer Ventures and Governor’s School, the student must choose one program to attend. Students may apply to SVSM and NCSSM; however, if a student is accepted into both Summer Ventures and NCSSM, the student must choose one program to attend.
How much will it cost?
Summer Ventures is an investment by North Carolina citizens in the future of the state. As such, room, board and tuition are provided without charge to the participant. Students' families are responsible for a medical examination for the student prior to enrollment, transportation to and from the site, pocket money and payment of any medical charges incurred by the student during the program. Limited funds are available to help cover these expenses for students with severe financial need.