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Master of Arts in Education - Middle Grades Education

MAEd in Middle Grades EducationThe Master of Arts in Education - Middle Grades Education degree program allows completion of an advanced degree for individuals who presently hold an initial middle grades teaching license.

MAEd-MIDG students explore middle grades curriculum development in public school settings, advanced instructional and assessment strategies, and issues/trends specific to middle grades education.

24-semester hours of this 36-semester hour program are offered online. Remaining courses are offered online or face-to-face on the ECU campus depending on the student's chosen strand of coursework.

ELMID Graduate Handbook

Program Details

The College of Education accepts applications at all times so students can begin at almost any time during the year. The application due dates are as follows:

Desired Starting Semester

Application Deadline


June 1st


October 15th

Summer Session 1

March 15th

Summer Session 2

May 1st

Applicants must submit the following materials by the dates listed above to be considered for acceptance:

  • Complete online application
  • Statement of purpose meant to provide convincing evidence of one's suitability for graduate study and potential for success in one's chosen area
  • Copy of one's current initial teaching license (if in Sr II, include indication of when license will be received and submit it to the Graduate School immediately upon receipt)
  • 3 professional references (all submitted electronically via the Graduate School)
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) OR Miller Analogies Test (MAT) scores
  • Send official school transcript(s) from all institutions attended in the last five years to Graduate School
  • Contact Dr. Carol Greene for more information.
For a full listing of all of the names and descriptions of the courses within this program, please visit the Master of Art in Education section of the Graduate Catalog.

Note: Any student who does not take classes during a regular semester (fall/spring) must reapply to the Graduate school in order to reactivate his/her status as a graduate student and access to his/her ECU email account.

Other graduate programs are available in many disciplines.

 Middle Grades Course List
Middle grades education - 24 s.h.
  • MIDG 6000 - Professional Development, Issues, and Trends in Middle Grades Education
  • MIDG 6100 - Young Adolescents, Schools, and Community
  • MIDG 6200 - Middle Grades Curriculum Development in Public Schools
  • MIDG 6300 - Advanced Strategies and Assessment for Middle Grades Learners
  • MIDG 6401 - Middle Grades Product Documentation
    Concentration Area:
    Choose 12 s.h. from one concentration area or a minimum of 9 s.h. from one area and 3 s.h. from another.
      • ENED 6510 - Recent Trends in English Education

      • ENED 6630 - Studies in the Process of Composition OR
      • ENGL 6625 - Teaching Composition: Theory and Practice

      • ENGL 6340 - Ethnic American Literature OR
      • ENGL 6360 - World Literature Written in English OR
      • ENGL 6460 - Studies in African American Literature

      • ELEM 6488 - Advanced Language Arts in the Elementary School ELEM 6515

      • MATE 5263 - Modern Mathematics for Junior High School Teachers I
      • MATE 5264 - Modern Mathematics for Junior High School Teachers II
      • MATE 6321 - Advanced Middle-Level Mathematics Methods MATH 6264 3 S.H. MATE OR MATH ELECTIVE
      • SCIE 6003 - Advanced Studies in Biological Science for Teachers
      • SCIE 6004 - Advanced Studies in Physical Science for Teachers
      • SCIE 6020 - Perspectives on Science Education
      • SCIE 6200 - Environmental Education
      • SCIE 6310 - Advanced Methods in Science Teaching and Learning
      • SCIE 6506 - Problems in Science Education (Secondary)
      Social studies:
      • ELEM 5306 - Social Studies in the Elementary School OR
      • ELEM 6406 - The Teaching of Social Studies in the Elementary Grades

      • GEOG 5283 - Selected Topics in Physical Geography
      • GEOG 6393 - Independent Study in Human Geography
      • HIED 6510 - Issues and Topics in Social Studies Education
      • HIST 5122 - Social and Cultural History of the United States Since 1865
      • HIST 5130 - Comparative History of New World Slavery and Race Relations
      • HIST 5340 - The Ancient Near East
      • HIST 5765 - Latin America, 1492 to the Present
      • MIDG 7000 - Thesis