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Dr. Carol Greene
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TESL Partnership Program

East Carolina University is pleased to offer admission to a one-year (12 month) Partnership Licensure Program for teachers in North Carolina. The TEACHING ENGLISH as a SECOND LANGUAGE (TESL) courses are offered by the College of Education to prepare professional educators for success in contemporary classrooms.

A four-course sequence at the graduate level develops teachers' skills in planning, implementing, and assessing the delivery of comprehensible instruction to culturally and linguistically diverse students. These courses will be offered online or on site in Pitt County.  At the completion of the four courses, candidates should register and take the Praxis II exam and request add-on licensure in ESL.

Program Details:
TESL 6100 - Planning, Implementing and Managing ESL Instruction

Contemporary methods and strategies appropriate for providing comprehensible instruction for second language learners in K-12 classrooms with a foundation for understanding multiple perspectives on ESL approaches to education.

TESL 6200 - Culture and Language in ESL Instruction

Issues relevant to cross-cultural dynamics of ESL settings in K-12 schools, as well as adaptations appropriate for development and implementation of a multicultural curriculum with culturally and linguistically diverse students and families.

TESL 6300 - Assessment in ESL Instruction

Current issues in assessing and teaching English language learners in K-12 settings, including assessment protocols, placement, development of appropriate plans and reports in schools, and informing instruction based on assessment.

TESL 6500 - Professionalism and Evidence-Based Accountability

Provides a critically reflective process of developing a cross-culturally sensitive portfolio of artifacts and tools for use with English language learners and their families in the K-12 setting.

  • Complete the Interest Survey at the bottom of this page.
  • Contact Terry Atkinson at ECU concerning your intent to register for this program (252-328-2889).
  • Apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Student at ECU. Visit for information and to apply.
  • Complete the sequence of courses during Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 and Summer 2016 semesters.
  • Take the Praxis II exam in Summer 2016. For information visit
  • If you are a Pitt County teacher, apply for the Pitt County Scholars Program to be eligible for tuition and book reimbursement.

This program is designed to increase the percentage of highly qualified teachers in the Pitt County Schools. The program will reimburse tuition and books for up to 36 teachers employed with Pitt County Schools who are enrolled in a masters or licensure program in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, ESL, Elementary Education, Special Education, Technology, Academically Gifted, or Foreign Language.

The following link will provide additional information about the application process:Pitt County Scholars Program.

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