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Teacher Recruitment, Retention and Development Issues

  • St. Lucia: Do not wish the teachers to be recruited by developed countries
  • South Africa: 4702 teachers were recruited from South Africa
  • Jamaica: Teachers are recruited without your knowledge. We lose our best teachers. Recruited teacher has between 5 to 10 years experience. Cannot  compete with developed countries
  • Mauritius: We cannot retain our teachers
  • Samoa: The problem imposed by our teachers and their mobility is
  • affecting all of us.

  • Papua New Guinea: Each government should provide an incentive to
  • retain teachers. If we do not provide salaries, we will lose the teachers. Teachers are professionals and each government must try to retain teachers.

  • Canada: The Canadian perspective is on preparing effective teachers. More data and statistics are needed across Canada.
  • Gambia: There are lots of injustices that are being dealt with
  • British Overseas Territories (Cayman): The City of New York is among the biggest recruiter. We will need the support of the developing countries of the commonwealth to address the issue of the United States in the recruitment processes
  • New Zealand: We have suffered acute loss of teachers over the last five years, but there has been a reversal in the last two years. We got New Zealand teachers to come back because of increasing salaries and sponsoring their returns
  • Namibia: There is something wrong somewhere when teachers
  • abscond. Teachers are paid by public money and are employed by public agencies

  • Ghana: The issues are very critical. We lose teachers to South Africa
  • Kiribati: We have the problem of retaining our teachers at the secondary level. They leave the profession for other jobs. We are finding it difficult to find replacements for these teachers. At the primary level, we have teacher shortage because of resource
  • constraints

  • Barbados: The most critical issue is recruitment. Ensure that each country around this table has available sufficient teachers to teach their children

  • The following website captured what they had to say.