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The United Kingdom is also struggling with the shortage of teachers. It has also developed some innovative strategies for recruitment and retention of teachers. These are the things that the school administration in Hertfordshire is recommending:


  • Advertising and using “teachinberts” website
  • News, events, and conferences
  • Recruitment and induction of newly qualified teachers
  • Well-being programme
  • Reports and summaries of recruitment data
  • Housing and accommodation
  • Graduate and registered teacher program
  • Overseas trained teachers
  • Supply teachers
  • Succession planning (Grow your own)
  • Networking with existing staff including support staff, parents and neighboring schools
  • Recruitment Fairs (national and local)
  • Local recruitment fairs
  • Supply/returners club
  • Benefit to schools
  • Using agencies

Some of these initiatives can be viewed at Retention Strategy.asp

Surrey County

The Surrey County Council is recruiting teachers from overseas.
The following incentives are being offered:

  • A loan to cover travel costs and initial living expenses
  • Medical insurance
  • A mobile phone to enable easy contact with the support network
  • Local advisor
  • Orientation training (pre-departure)
  • Induction
  • Temporary accommodation

Please look at all of the other initiatives. They can be found at