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Secondary Education: Teacher Retention and Recruitment

“Government Response to the Committee’s Fifth Report of Session 2003-2004” is a document that addresses the critical issues of recruitment and retention. The report made a number of conclusions and recommendations covering a wide range of factors which have an effect on the retention and recruitment of teachers. The special report can be found here.

Recruitment and Retention Resources for Schools and Colleges

This next site focuses on recruitment and retention resources for schools and colleges. It offers recruitment and retention advice.

The following examples of initiatives being taken are:

Improving Recruitment
a. Streamlining the recruitment process
b. Partnership with Job Center Plus
c. Widening the pool
d. Flexible working

Encouraging Workers to Stay
a. Improving your image
b. Managing sickness and stress
c. Creating a progressive management culture
d. Professional development opportunities
e. Cutting teachers’ workload

a. Better workload management
b. Improved work-life balance
c. Empowerment and motivation
d. Providing the tools teachers need to do the job.

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U. S. Office of Personnel Management

This section looks at frequently asked questions about recruitment or relocation bonuses and retention allowances.
1. What is a recruitment bonus?
2. Who may receive a recruitment bonus?
3. What is required for an agency to use the recruitment bonus authority?
4. May we pay recruitment bonuses to employees receiving a special rate?
5. What is the required period of employment under a service agreement?
6. May we pay recruitment bonuses to temporary, seasonal or part-time employees?
7. May we pay a recruitment bonus before an employee enters on duty?

Find the answers to these and many other questions found on this website
State of Delaware

Statistics of Teacher Supply and Demand 1997-1998
This website provides statistics on teachers in the State of Delaware. Statistics are also available for 1998-1999 and 2000-2001.