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In September 2001, the Kentucky School Boards Association and partners including Kentucky Department of Education contracted with Horizon Research International to conduct a series of discussion groups among Kentucky public school teachers. The purpose of this research was to identify and understand the critical factors impacting workplace and job satisfaction.

Recruitment and retention efforts secure the talents and skills of the highest quality professionals for every classroom, school and district in Kentucky. The Division seeks to recruit, select and retain exceptional, multi-dimensional individuals who have chosen education as their career. Traditional educational programs, scholarships, alternative routes, professional development, and early identification initiatives are tools used to accomplish this undertaking. The implementation of such systemic policies and programs will provide the commonwealth with diverse, competent, caring educators who are essential to ensure that children reach their maximum potential.

Here are a few strategies:
a. Kentucky Educator Placement Service
b. Title 2, Part A
c. Posting of certified vacancies and critical shortage areas
d. Alternative Certification Routes
e. Awards and Recognition Programs
f. Educational Leadership Development
g. Minority Educator Recruitment and Retention
h. Scholarships and Loans

The results can be seen here.

Kentucky also offers scholarships to minority students who are enrolled in Teacher Education Programs. The following website provides the information.