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States are increasingly becoming involved in strategies that compliment district recruitment efforts. Mississippi, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, California, Nevada, Florida, and North Carolina are all doing something about recruitment and retention of teachers.

a. Mississippi has loan forgiveness and scholarship programs. There are also signing bonuses that involve moving expenses.

b. Massachusetts has housing subsidies

c. Oklahoma has a general salary increase to make teaching more attractive across the board

d. Georgia has targeted salary increases for individuals willing to teach in hard-to-staff schools or high-demand subjects

e. Maryland is paying retired teachers to re-enter the classroom part-time without losing their retirement benefits

f. South Carolina has state wide early recruitment programs that seek to make teaching an attractive career option for high school students

g. California and Nevada have targeted recruitment strategies at specific populations

h. States within the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and North Central regions are cooperating to increase license reciprocity and pension portability across state and district boundaries

i. Arkansas is restricting districts from placing teachers in classes for which they lack solid subject-matter preparation

j. States such as Connecticut are developing strategies specifically aimed at retaining new teachers through induction programs that include financial incentives tied to demanding standards for the training of mentor teachers and the amount of supervision beginning teachers are required to receive.

k. North Carolina prohibits districts from giving particularly different assignments to beginning teachers until they have had a chance to learn the ropes

l. Ohio offers sizeable bonuses or pay increases for teachers who become certified

m. A number of states and districts are seeking to restructure their lowest-performing schools by adopting a comprehensive school reform design model, as in Memphis

n. Maryland is hiring a private contract to run the school

o. Colorado is converting low-performing to Charter school status

p. Some states are beginning to put a greater emphasis on the responsibility of school and district administrative leadership for enabling teachers to be effective

The initiatives of each state can be found here.