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Canada is also struggling with the shortage of teachers.
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada    

Here are some strategies for recruiting and retaining first native education students, first nations, and non-first nation teachers:

  • Marketing tools
  • Consider previous experiences for living
  • Networking, collaboration, and partnership
  • Induction/mentorship programs at the school and in the community
  • Pre-service training and professional development opportunities
  • Administrative leadership and support
  • Rewards and incentives

The following website shows some of the efforts in recruitment and retention of teachers.

Alberta School Authorities

There are many suggestions for recruitment and retention of teachers. The Alberta School Authorities are trying the following:

How Alberta School Authorities Recruit Teachers
  • Advertising (national, local, website)
  • Active Recruiting
  • Attending career/job fairs
  • Recruiting on university campuses
  • Recruiting further afield (Atlantic Canada, Eastern Provinces)
  • Hiring teachers earlier
  • Centralizing hiring through division office
  • Maintaining ongoing database of prospective staff
  • Entering preliminary contracts with exemplary applicants contingent  on satisfactory completion
  • Marketing Community and School
  • Jurisdiction
  • Financial Initiatives
  • Attractive compensation package (salary and benefits)
  • Grant for moving expenses
  • Subsidized housing
  • Working with local banks to provide assistance to first-time home buyers
  • Grant contingent on service
  • Commitment in penultimate year of teacher preparation program
  • Bursaries contingent on service commitment
  • Funding extended practicum
  • Students in faculty of education
  • Mentoring and orientation programs
  • Succession Planning (supporting members within the jurisdiction to develop the skills necessary to fill areas of need)

How Alberta School Authorities Retain Teachers
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Attractive compensation package
  • Mentorship
  • Nurturing positive staff relations and morale
  • Staff recognition programs
  • Being compassionate and supportive of staff in crisis
  • Valuing teachers- stressing sense of family
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Teacher preparation time
  • Assigning teachers to areas of expertise
  • Focusing on quality learning and teaching
  • Providing state-of-the-art technology and teaching resources
  • Having and maintaining modern facilities
  • Pedagogical support
  • Vertical teams (job-alike groups for sharing resources)
  • Providing continuous contracts
  • Educational leave
  • Deferred salary leave
  • Temporary assignments after retirement
  • Bursaries
  • Revisiting early retirement incentive plan
  • Subsidized housing
  • Working with local colleges and universities to broker programs to prepare teachers
  • Job sharing
  • Long service allowances
  • Sabbatical support
This website discusses some of them.