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Job Seekers

This website is a very good resource for special education teachers who are seeking employment.

  • Recruitment and Retention Project
  • An understanding of the factors that influence teacher retention is an essential first step in retaining quality personnel
  • Develop clear role descriptions
  • Provide adequate teaching resources and office space
  • Reduce/limit administrative requirements
  • Enlighten administrative staff in their role of supporting their special education staff
  • Develop support strategies to assist with paperwork (i.e. train paraprofessionals, streamline process, eliminate repetitive paperwork)
  • Build in adequate planning time
  • Match beginning teachers’ assignments with their prior experiences and training
  • Use mentor programs to assist and provide support for beginning teachers, create time to meet during the school day
  • Provide specific feedback, encouragement, and continued opportunities for growth
  • Restructure the workplace by giving teachers more responsibility and autonomy
  • Provide opportunities for special education educators to regularly network with one another
  • Provide a structure between regular and special education to support better communication
Canadian Content

There are many websites that are available for teacher recruitment. Here are a few of them.
a. Diversified Global Education
b. Teaching Placement Service
c. Recruit Education Services
d. Educational Resources Group
e. Cooper Lyons Recruitment
f. Gabbitas Educational Consultants
g. Supply Direct Resources
h. Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement (CERRA)
i. UNI Overseas Placement
j. Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Recruitment
k. International Teacher recruitment
l. Supplynet
m. Time Plan
n. Teach in America
o. Teacher Recruitment International
p. Education Job Search

There are so many ways to recruit teachers. Please click at this website and find out about these different methods.

Recruitment of Teachers from the Caribbean

In an effort to combat a short supply of U. S. teachers, school officials are looking abroad to hire educators. Foreign teaching hires meet critical need while providing a cultural exchange opportunity. This site looks at recruitment from the Caribbean.

 It also shows other sites dealing with recruitment from other countries.
Teacher Shortage Gets Foreign Aid

Many U.S. schools are pushing to recruit foreign teachers who can help remedy recruitment problems:
  • Chicago, the nation's third-largest school district and the second-largest employer in Illinois, is looking for 3,500 new teachers for this school year. More than 130 teachers have been hired since August from 35 countries, including Japan, India, Colombia, Pakistan, Ghana, Jamaica and Mexico.
  • The Atlanta public schools have 400 to 500 vacancies this school year, and recruiters have "scoured the earth for teachers," says spokesman Seth Coleman. Recruiting trips have taken school leaders to Jamaica, South Africa and Canada. The Los Angeles Unified School District is "always chasing somewhere around 4,000 teacher vacancies annually,” says Antonio Garcia, director of recruitment. Since last year, about two dozen teachers have been hired from Spain, Mexico, Canada and the Philippines.
Many US schools are recruiting teachers from other countries. The newspaper article discusses what has been done.
Please read more about what is being done at: