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These are a few suggestions from the Southeast:

a. “Grow your own” approaches have merit
b. While signing bonuses send a signal that teachers are valued, they may not be sufficient
c. Improving working conditions may help reduce turnover
d. Better data is needed to inform good decisions

These are some recommendations:

a. States, districts, and educators should clearly articulate what it means to be a “highly qualified teacher.” The state definition should be made known to policy makers and the public, and should also clarify what it means to be an effective teacher in hard-to-staff schools
b. Better salaries and signing bonuses are important, but alone they will not be enough
c. Invest more in school systems and universities that prepare teachers for urban and rural hard-to-staff schools
d. Use the right combination of incentives to proactively recruit and retain teachers, including a focus on building a critical mass of accomplished teachers in these schools and dramatically improving working conditions for them

There are many initiatives in the Southeast for recruitment and retention. These initiatives are discussed at http://www.teachingquality.org/BestTQ/issues/v03/v03n05.pdf