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What is the Golden LEAF Educational Consortium?


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What is the Golden LEAF Educational Consortium?


Quality teachers are the key to higher educational outcomes for children. Unfortunately, many of these important teachers are leaving school systems at an alarming rate, especially in rural areas. This teacher attrition, compounded by a rapidly growing population, has created critical teacher shortages within our schools in eastern NC. As a result of this need, in 2001, the Golden LEAF Foundation selected East Carolina University’s College of Education to take the lead in examining this problem. The Golden LEAF Educational Consortium (GLEC) is a partnership between East Carolina University, UNC Pembroke, Elizabeth City State University, Edgecombe Community College and several local businesses. Bertie, Edgecombe, Greene, Jones, Halifax, Perquimans, Robeson, and Washington county school systems are also part of this consortium. The Golden LEAF Educational Consortium’s charge was to develop, implement and evaluate a Model of Teacher Recruitment and Retention and a Toolbox of Strategies that school systems could use to recruit and retain teachers. 


The Toolbox of Strategies is a resource for superintendents, human resource personnel, principals, ILT coordinators, and other interested educators to use to recruit and retain teachers. It will especially benefit school systems in rural Eastern North Carolina, and possibly in rural systems throughout the nation, by giving them research-based strategies selected to meet the needs of individual schools. The Toolbox contains strategies that are taken directly from research done by the Golden LEAF Educational Consortium Project as well as strategies resulting from research done in other states and other countries.


We hope this Toolbox will assist many school systems in dealing with the problems of recruitment and retention of teachers. The Toolbox provides many links to other websites and highlights the growing interest in the recruitment and retention of teachers.