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Department of Counselor and Adult Education

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ADED: Adult Education Course Descriptions 

6001,6002,6003. Special Topics Seminar (1,2,3) May be repeated for maximum of 6 s.h. P: Consent of instructor. Focused study in selected topics in adult education


6240. Effective College Teaching (3) Basic principles and practices of effective teaching at college level. Conceptual understanding and experiential skills in planning, implementing, and evaluating college instruction.


6307. Proposal Writing for Grants and Contracts. (3)  Principles and guidelines for the effective preparation of grant/contract proposals.


6379. Issues and Strategies in Adult Literacy (3) Educational, psychological, social, cultural, and political problems that may be present for adults with low levels of literacy. Strategies and practical applications developed for understanding, motivating, and teaching under-educated adults.


6445. Introduction to Adult and Community Education (3) Overview of adult education with emphasis in social, historical, and philosophical nature of the field.


6446. Community Education and Community Development (3) Relationship between community education and community development and agencies and institutions in community. Techniques for assessing, coordinating, and delivering services through persons trained as community education specialists.


6450. Community, Junior, and Technical Colleges (3) Philosophy, roles, organization, and historical foundations of community, junior, and technical colleges as specific institutions designed to meet educational needs of a rapidly changing society.


6453. The Adult Learner (3)  Learning theories, and developmental factors/ changes in adulthood that affect learning process; motivation and participation factors in adult learning.


6454. Educational Gerontology (3) Developmental process of aging through sociological, physiological, and psychological aspects. Emphasis on overall educational implications, particularly resources and program planning related to all areas of older adult population.


6461. Introduction to Training and Development (3) Current writing and research, models of training and development, and relationship between training and development and other human resource specialty areas.


6462. Seminar in Training and Development (3) P: ADED 6461. Advanced understanding of current problems, issues, and trends in training and development in business, industry, health care, and military/governmental agencies.


6481. Development of Adult Education Programs (3) Concepts, theories, processes, and practices essential to developing programs for adult learners.


6484. Organization and Administration of Adult Education (3) Organizational practices, principles, and theories as applicable to adult education organizations. Emphasis on specific administrative policies and functions.


6487. Instructional Strategies in Adult Education (3) Methods and techniques for effective instruction of adults in a variety of settings/contexts. Emphasis on concepts, theories, and principles relevant to the selection, design, use, and evaluation of instructional strategies.


6490. Issues and Trends in Adult Education (3) May be repeated for a maximum of 6 s.h.  Current issues, trends, and controversies that affect adult and continuing education practice, including emerging technological, sociocultural, economic, demographic, and ethical issues.


6491. Research Problems in Adult Education (3) Use, understanding, and critique of existing educational research, including methodologies, ethics of research, thesis, and manuscript preparation; formulation of research proposals.


6492,6493. Directed Readings in Adult and Community Education (1,2)  Advanced exploration of literature in adult and community education under direction of adult education faculty.


6495. Educational Program Evaluation (3) Components and processes of effective educational program evaluation. 


6550. Leadership and Communication Skills in Education (3) Same as ELEM 6550. Teacher leadership, communication, and reflective practice in schools. Skill development enhances communication and collaboration with families, students, and educational professionals. Addresses organizational challenges and facilitates positive change.


6600. Administrative aspects of international education on university campuses in the United States and abroad.


6690. Applied case study addressign contemporary issues in international education.


6989, 6990. Internship in Adult Education (3,3) Full-time or part-time applied experience under the supervision of an expert adult education practitioner.


7000. Thesis (3) May be repeated for a maximum of 6 s.h.


7001. Thesis: Summer Research (1) May be repeated. No credit may count toward degree. Students conducting thesis research may only register for this course during the summer.