There are two assessments and a supervisor credential survey to complete in order to finish the ECU Counselor Supervision Training. Once the assessments and your credentials have been submitted, your materials will be processed by the Clinical Experiences Coordinator and your continuing education certificate will be mailed.

Supervision Training Assessments

Assessment I assesses your knowledge of the Counselor Education Program’s expectations, requirements and evaluation procedures for practicum and internship experiences. Assessment II assesses your knowledge of Counseling Supervision Theories and Processes. Both must be completed with at least an 80% score. You may repeat these assessments as needed.

Supervisor Credential Survey

Upon successful completion of the two assessments, please use the survey link below to submit your credential information. You will be asked to enter information about your place of employment, professional role, years of experience, academic degrees and professional credentials. Once your assessments and credentials have been processed, you will be sent your continuing education certificate.

Training Evaluation Form

Please use the survey link below to complete a very brief evaluation of the training and the instructor. We hope you will share your perceptions of the usefulness of this program for mental health professionals. We will use your feedback to continue to improve the training for future participants. Thank you for your time and feedback!