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Students admitted to the Library Science Program are assigned a member of the MLS Faculty as an advisor. Students can find the name of their advisor in the Banner Self Service area on Pirate Port.

  • An incomplete can only be carried for one year, at which time it will convert to an "F". Incompletes are granted at the discretion of the instructor.
  • A student with two or more incompletes will not be allowed to take additional courses until the incompletes are removed. Exceptions due to extenuating circumstances will be viewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • A student whose GPA falls below 3.0 will receive notice from the Graduate School that they are on academic probation and have one semester to meet the required 3.0 average.

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General registration information including a list of common registration errors

Technology Support

Technology support for students at ECU is available from Information Technology and Computing Services (ITCS). ITCS provides instructional information via its website and Facebook page. IT Help is available online through email and chat. For details, visit


Almost every graduate program includes a capstone experience or project that is used to assess whether students have met overall program goals. These capstone experiences can be research papers, theses, dissertations, culminating projects, comprehensive exams, oral exams, interviews, or a combination of these types of activities. The portfolio process requires a student's participation throughout his or her coursework, and begins in the first course in the sequence (LIBS 6010). Throughout a student's time in the program, he or she steadily posts to a portfolio and demonstrates mastery of professional skills, abilities, and dispositions required for the practice of the profession. This is done through the use of course artifacts (course projects) along with the student's reflection upon those skills, abilities, and dispositions as revealed in the artifacts. The reflection essay associated with each artifact helps explain how the artifact demonstrates that the program objective and other professional standards have been met. It also acts as a record of the student's self-assessment. The MLS portfolio is posted in Taskstream, which is used by all students in the College of Education. Each student undergoes a mid-program and final review of the portfolio. A student must pass the final portfolio review in order to obtain the degree or licensure.

For detailed instructions on creating and maintaining a portfolio account, read Taskstream Instructions.

Graduation Guidelines

The Application for Graduation must be completed online. This should be done one semester prior to completion of the degree/certificate. If you are dual-degree or are also graduating with a certificate, you will have to submit a separate online application for each program. Application for graduation can be completed through Pirate Port and you have completed the requirements of the degree as stated by the Graduate Catalog.

Graduation Application Deadlines

Spring Term - February 1
Summer Term - April 1
Fall Term - September 1

For more information, go to: Scroll down to Instructions for How to Apply for Graduation.