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Dr. Kaye Dotson
Program Area Coordinator
108 Ragsdale Building

Ms. Christy Hines
Administrative Support Associate
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MLS Program Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The MLS Program’s mission is to prepare library professionals to serve, lead, and partner in their communities.  

MLS Program Goals  
  1. To teach the principles, practices and technologies of library science
  2. To prepare professionals to meet the information needs of individuals and groups in a global society
  3. To engage continuously in scholarship and service
  4. To impart the values of service, leadership, and partnership with communities and the profession as a whole  
MLS Program Objectives  
  1. Understand and apply the foundations of library science from contemporary professional standards used to resolve ethical and legal issues
  2. Analyze, evaluate and synthesize research literature in library and information science and design basic practitioner research
  3. Use reference and information resources in a variety of formats to promote information literacy
  4. Select, acquire, develop and manage collections to meet the lifelong learning needs of diverse groups in various formats and library settings
  5. Understand and apply appropriate concepts and guidelines for the organization and discoverability of library materials and resources
  6. Understand and apply the principles of management, leadership and advocacy to direct and advance library programs
  7. Understand and apply appropriate technologies to support or enhance library functions and processes
  8. Instruct individually, and in collaboration with others, diverse user groups to access library resources and services