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Prospective MLS Students

The Master of Library (MLS) Science program is designed for students seeking employment as librarians and information professionals in Pre-K--12 schools, universities, community colleges, public libraries, and related settings. All students are eligible for North Carolina Public Library Certification upon completion of the MLS degree requirements. The MLS requires a minimum of 39 semester hours (s.h.) of credit. Eight core courses (24 s.h.) are required of all students: LIBS 6010, 6012, 6014, 6018, 6026, 6031, 6042, and 6991. Students may choose from three professional pathways for the MLS degree: Academic Library, Public Library, and School Library.

Academic Library
In addition to the eight required courses of the degree, academic library pathway students are required to take LIBS 6810 and LIBS 6972, and three electives (9 s.h.) to be selected in consultation with an advisor. Learn more about the Academic Library Pathway.
Public Library

In addition to the eight required courses of the degree, public library pathway students are required to take LIBS 7050 and four electives (12 s.h.) selected in consultation with an advisor. Learn more about the Public Library Pathway.

School library media
(courses required for public school licensure)

A school focused sequence of courses within the 39 hour MLS including the following courses specific to school librarianship LIBS 6135,6137,6142 and 6144; and one elective (3 s.h.) to be selected in consultation with an advisor. The 076 Media Coordinator license also requires a satisfactory score on the Media Coordinator (0311) Praxis/NTE (National Teacher's exam).LIBS 6989 Early Internship is a prerequisite for students seeking media coordinator licensure and lacking an initial teaching licensure.

Prospective school pathway applicants who hold an undergraduate degree or graduate degree in another discipline must complete the full MLS degree requirements, as specified above (39 or 42 s.h.). Learn more about the School Library Pathway.

Applicants holding a graduate degree in library science who are seeking school licensure are required to submit transcripts to the Library Science Program Coordinator BEFORE applying to the Graduate School as a non-degree student. Upon review by the program, a course of study will be determined to meet the competencies of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the American Association of School Librarians of the American Library Association working with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Initial Licensure
Instructions for students without school licensure seeking initial licensure entry into departmental licensure fields:School Library Media Coordinator (076)

In addition to the requirements for the MLS and licensure, candidates without a current teaching license are required to take three additional hours as pre-requisites. This course should be taken before Tier 2 courses.

LIBS 6989 - Early internship

Purpose:To expose the candidate to the school environment and introduce the school culture in the selected environment.

Application :The same application form as for the 6991 Internship may be used.

Requirements:110 contact hours within a school. During this time the candidate will be in the school observing and reflecting on the school culture; visiting classrooms, the various departments and administrators; special programs (such as special education services). See the supportive checksheet for examples.

Final product:Write a reflective paper on the experience and attach the activities checksheet.