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Process for Annual Evaluations

*Faculty should be informed that their annual evaluations may not directly relate to the faculty member’s evaluations conducted by the Tenure Committee or the Promotion Committee for decisions of promotion and/or tenure. For further information about the promotion and tenure process, the faculty member should refer to Parts VII, VIII, and XI of the ECU Faculty Manual.

  1. The Department Chair will meet with the entire department early in the academic year to discuss the evaluation process and the unique characteristics of their department (types of research opportunities available, quality of publications in this area, nature of teaching, definition of terms in department context, opportunities to assess teaching effectiveness, service opportunities, best practices and quality measures in research, teaching and service, etc.). The department will openly discuss the workload of faculty within the department and the resources available to faculty to assist in accomplishing their individual and department goals.
  2. The discussions will include a review of the evaluation process and how the process will be used to evaluate performance in the department. Faculty members and the Chair will discuss the kinds of evidence that will support the evaluation ratings in their department. The Chair should ensure that new faculty members receive an orientation to the evaluation process in the department and the weights associated with each area of responsibility.
  3. By October 1 of each year, faculty will meet with the Chair to set weights and establish goals for the year.
  4. Faculty will be given the opportunity to have interim conferences with the Chair to discuss progress toward goals and/or revise goals.
  5. Throughout the year faculty should collect evidence that reflects their performance in all three evaluation areas and any other assigned responsibility.
  6. Faculty members are encouraged to bring data, materials, evidence or artifacts to the evaluation conference to demonstrate their accomplishments.
  7. The Chair will meet with each department member prior to finalizing the evaluation to ensure all relevant evaluation data has been considered.

Annual Faculty Evaluation Form - Currently Unavailable