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Program Overview

The principal licensure only program is designed to prepare individuals to become school leaders. Program studies include strategic planning, problem solving, instructional leadership, managerial leadership, political analysis, organizational theory and development, and leadership skill application. The program consists of 33-semester hours (including a year-long internship experience). With successful completion of the appropriate licensure exam, the candidate is eligible for the North Carolina principal level 1 license 012, class P.
Admission Requirements

All individuals seeking the principal licensure only must have:

  • a master's degree in education, or a related educational field
  • a minimum of three years educational experience
  • a valid NC school license
  • an "M" on the NC professional educator license
Program Requirements

In order to enroll in this principal licensure only program, the applicant must:

  • apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student (PLEASE MARK THE BOX FOR LICENSURE)
  • either be currently employed as an administrator in North Carolina and/or enroll in one of the off-campus cohorts
  • submit the following items: entry-level school license, current resume, signed MSA/PLO Letter of Support Form, and a statement purpose and LEED scenario written response.

The program is delivered via hybrid evening class sessions.

Application deadlines

Be sure to email Dr. Heidi Puckett BEFORE applying to ensure that there is a cohort for that term:

  • Summer 2 Admission: January 15th
    • Cohorts start Summer 2 semester every year. Note: Check with Dr. Puckett before applying to ensure that a cohort is available in your geographic area.