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Service Leadership Projects (SLPs) encourage MSA students to lead through serving in schools throughout the state. Students are fully immersed in the culture of the school and choose projects on an as needed basis. Each student will complete six SLPs during their time as a student.  Please see the SLP Handbook for more details.


These SLP Overviews describe the purpose and rationale behind each section of your SLP.

The SLP Handbook contains information to assist in the completion of your SLP, including the purpose, instructions, templates, and a sample.

  • Write down and keep powerful quotes from contacts from the beginning of your interactions at your SLP school. You will need these during Section 3 of the SLP.
  • Even though the Action Plan is technically Section 4 of the SLP, keep a record of your school visits and activities beginning during week one so that you do not have to backtrack later.
  • Once you and your principal agree on a project for your SLP, check the descriptors page to make sure you are meeting all of the descriptors. If you aren’t, ask you principal or professor for suggestions so that you can meet that descriptor.
  • It’s ok to ask for help!
  • Get to know your secretary. You can learn a lot of information from them!
  • APA help:
  • Reputable Resources for the Professional Language Summary:

The DPI Descriptors are standards for evaluation of current NC Principals. Reference the descriptors throughout the SLP process to ensure that you are meeting them.

This document could be used as a template for your SLP.