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College of Education: Preparing Teachers and Education Professionals

Master of Library Science Program


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Master of Library Science

The Master of Library Science program is designed for students seeking employment as librarians and information professionals in Pre K-12 schools, universities, community colleges, public libraries, and related settings. All students are eligible for NC Public Library Certification upon completion of the MLS degree requirements. The MLS requires a minimum of 39 s.h. of credit. Eight core courses (24 s.h.) are required of all students: LIBS 6010, 6012, 6014, 6018, 6026, 6031, 6042, and 6991 or 6992.

Students are evaluated in all MLS courses using the following grading scale:

  • 93-100%=A:Student meets and exceeds course requirements
  • 86-92%=B:Student adequately meets course requirements
  • 79-85%=C:Student minimally meets course requirements
  • 78 and under = Failing grade:Student does not meet course requirements
  • W:Withdrawal from the course within the time period specified by the university found in the Graduate Catalog. For procedures, see: Also, inform your advisor, the instructor and the Department of Library Science.

You may view syllabi for the eight core courses at and in the Library Science Advising Center (LSAC) in Blackboard.

All MLS and licensure students must complete a portfolio.The portfolio is the culminating capstone product and includes an artifact from each LIBS course and a reflection for each artifact.The portfolio is reviewed at midpoint in a student's program and before graduation.See for additional details.

School library media (courses required for public school licensure): A school focused sequence of courses within the 39 hour MLS including the following courses specific to school librarianship LIBS 6135, 6137, 6142 and 6144; and one elective (3 s.h.) to be selected in consultation with an advisor. The 076 Media Coordinator license also requires a satisfactory score on the Media Coordinator (0311) Praxis/NTE (National Teacher's exam). LIBS 6989 Early Internship is a pre requisite for students seeking media coordinator licensure and lacking an initial teaching licensure.

Prospective school pathway applicants who hold an undergraduate degree or graduate degree in another discipline must complete the full MLS degree requirements, as specified above (39 or 42 s.h.). 

Public library:In addition to the eight required courses of the degree, public library pathway students are required to take LIBS 7050 and four electives (12 s.h.) selected in consultation with an advisor.

Academic library: In addition to the eight required courses for the degree, academic library pathway students are required to take LIBS 6810 and 6972, and three electives.  Electives are selected in consultation with an advisor to meet the career goals of the student.